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Charles Wysocki

Artist Charles Wysocki, renowned “Master of Americana” style of painting, rose to national prominence with his romantic and positive portrayals of early American life. 

Inspired by the beauty of America’s heartland, “Chuck’s” favorite and popular subjects include small towns, coastal scenes, farm life, seasonal and festive holidays.  His whimsical collection of captivating cat artwork is an extra special treat for his fans! 

The appeal of Charles Wysocki’s art has led to over 50 licensing partners who have created bestselling product programs from calendars, jigsaw puzzles, wallpaper, gifts, textiles and home décor with 100’s of millions of dollars in sales.

With our newly energized Charles Wysocki art licensing program, Mosaic Licensing is able to offer refreshed color palettes, innovative re-designs and the flexibility to manipulate artwork to enhance its appeal to all-new audiences. It’s no wonder the Charles Wysocki brand continues to grow and enjoys its status as a #1 bestseller in multiple product categories. 

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